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About Us

About Our Company

About Us

Our History

At ReBath Of Dallas, we truly have revolutionized the concept and process of a bathroom redesign. Since our formation in 1979, we have led the way in innovative bathroom design and renovation. Our commitment to the belief that it doesn’t have to take weeks to redesign a bathroom and that it doesn’t have to be messy or full of headaches has helped us to develop our unique system.

We recognized long ago that a bathroom is supposed to be a sanctuary. A place to relax and get away from the chaos of everyday life. We created systems that allow us to give you a comfortable and beautiful bathroom without adding more chaos to your life.
By working with our design specialists, we offer our clients the opportunity to create their own personal sanctuary. Our installation specialist, who is factory trained, will install your new bathroom in as little as 2- days. We know how important your bathroom is. We are committed to developing and implementing cutting edge technology to create new bathing experiences for our clients. Whether you are interested in the safety features of a walk in tub, wish to convert an existing tub to a shower or are hoping to completely redesign your bathroom, at ReBath of Dallas, we know how to get you what you want with the minimum of fuss. We strive to provide our customers what they want, when they want it and without the noise, frustration and mess of traditional construction. We are different…let us show you how.

What We Believe

We are proud of the way we do business. We believe that a new bathroom doesn’t have to mean days of inconvenience, layers of dust and loud noises. Instead, we rely on a system that allows us to quickly and efficiently remodel bathrooms without the mess, noise and time constraints of a traditional remodel. Let’s face it, most bathrooms remodels start with days of demolition, which kicks up dusts, is noisy and makes the bathroom inoperable. Our system, which can typically be installed directly over existing walls, removes the need for serious demolition and allows us to focus on making your bathroom the best that it can be. ReBath of Dallas lives by a ‘Bill of Clients Rights.’ We believe our clients have aright to a quick remodel that doesn’t require days of dusting and vacuuming afterwards. We believe our clients have the right to live in peace and quiet…even during installation. Most importantly, we believe our clients have the right to a functioning bathroom, usually in as little time as 2 day. We believe in doing things differently and getting them right the first time around. We believe that every job should be completed quickly and on budget. We strive to make sure that our clients get exactly what they want as quickly and painlessly as possible.

Major Services

At ReBath of Dallas, we offer a full line of bathroom renovation and bathroom remodeling services. These services are aimed at helping our clients get the bathroom that they want, at an affordable price without the noise and hassle of traditional bathroom remodeling.

Conversions: ReBath of Dallas offers clients the ability to convert old, unsightly tubs into showers. The conversion process uses a shower base and our innovative wall system to create a fresh shower. For those interested in maintaining their tub, we also offer tub replacement.

Wall-Systems: We take the hassle out of bathroom remodeling with our innovative wall system. This system allows us to replace your existing walls with safe, beautiful, clean, new walls. Installation typically takes only 2 days.

Safety: Safety is a concern, especially for our older clients. We offer a variety of services aimed at creating safe, yet comfortable, bathroom environments. Rebath Mobility Solutions include, walk-in tubs, wheel chair ramps, and ADA compliant Grab Bars and other safety bathing products.

Design: Our design team can help you develop a bathroom that is a beautiful as it is functional. We offer an enormous selection of colors and textures. We also offer unique design elements like wainscoting. At ReBath, every element of the bathroom remodel process is covered. We start with an in-home estimate and only finish when you are happy. From a simple tub update to a completely new bathroom, we have the services you need to get the job done.

Give us a call in Dallas at (972) 863-2284 or in Fort Worth at (817) 885-7426 or send a quick email for a free in home estimate.

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